Saturday, July 3, 2010

Harry Potter!

The official trailer came out and I'm excited. This post is gonna have spoilers

It seems like it stays pretty true to the book. You see Voldemort using Avada Kadavra on Harry. Harry looks all nice and mature - looks like there's a little scruff there and the heir of traveling for days. Harry and the goblin with Bellatrix aka Hermione in Gringotts. Ollivander looks properly tortured and tired. They show the escape of Harry with Hagrid. Poor Hedwig!! Ron and Hermione getting cozy :) Harry, under the invisibility cloak, with Hermione going to Godric's Hollow. I'm curious why Harry's lying on the ground in his cloak and a tie. Can't think of the scene for that. Not sure what's going on with that man and the Hogwarts Express or what scene it is when Hermione raises her hands.

They show Ron, Hermione in a red dress, and Harry after Bill and Fleur's wedding. I'm curious how much of that they're gonna show. If people didn't read the book, they'd have no idea about the wedding. I'm excited for the scene with Ron killing the Horcrux.

Overall, super excited for the movie!

I went to see Eclipse with my sister and some of her friends. It was interesting. I saw twilight that morning and they told me what happened during New Moon but I still feel like I missed out on some of the emotions and stuff. I see why people like it but, in all honesty, I hope the world gets over this vampire craze. Twilight, True Blood, Vampire Diaries, i think The Gates is about vampires. C'mon people, it's getting a little crazy. On the other hand, I know I'm not one to speak because of Harry Potter. Magic. Something not in the "real world" or something that can't quite be explained. Same with vampires.

Overall, good weekend. Excited for the 4th tomorrow!


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