Saturday, March 24, 2012

funny youtube comments

I was watching Jason Mraz's video for I Won't Give Up. I really like the song and it makes me want to cry. I didn't realize how the meaning of "us" could be so different.

Great song. The way it is written opens itself to many different interpretations. Is he telling a lover he won't give up? Is he telling a family member who is terminally ill or who has a disablity? Is he saying he will not give up on his country or humanity as a whole? Is he telling God he is not giving up? Maybe he is reminding himself he is not someone who is the quitting type. Maybe it is all of these things. -DoctorGamecock

Then I died laughing when I read this one: is it sirius black? -creativepassionhero

I'm not big on facial hair. I actually don't even see Jason Mraz, I'm curious what man decided to sing in this song. But that comment was just too perfect