Monday, April 1, 2013

Moving Moments

Just went to a talk on one of the Spring Break Trips - 4 students went out to NYC to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy. They worked with Friends of Firefighters and played a few of their videos so we could get an idea of the destruction caused by the hurricane and the need for that organization. My friend heard me sniffling afterwards.

"Don't cry."
"I already did."
Looks at me shocked, as he usually does.
"That's my home."
He attempts to respond 6 times, leaning in and leaning away, as if to pick the perfect words. "Home is where the heart is."
"Exactly. And my heart definitely isn't here."

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Posting Again

Going to start posting here some more, keep some memories. I've managed to make it to Term 4 of Year 2 which is exciting. I had my fair share of bumps and bruises along the way but I can see the light. I'm just praying that everything continues to go this well.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Jane Austen gets me

Reading Pride and Prejudice

After Mrs. Bennet found out about Mr. Collins and Charlotte Lucas:
"She hated having visitors in the house while her health was so indifferent, and lovers were of all people the most disagreeable."

Saturday, March 24, 2012

funny youtube comments

I was watching Jason Mraz's video for I Won't Give Up. I really like the song and it makes me want to cry. I didn't realize how the meaning of "us" could be so different.

Great song. The way it is written opens itself to many different interpretations. Is he telling a lover he won't give up? Is he telling a family member who is terminally ill or who has a disablity? Is he saying he will not give up on his country or humanity as a whole? Is he telling God he is not giving up? Maybe he is reminding himself he is not someone who is the quitting type. Maybe it is all of these things. -DoctorGamecock

Then I died laughing when I read this one: is it sirius black? -creativepassionhero

I'm not big on facial hair. I actually don't even see Jason Mraz, I'm curious what man decided to sing in this song. But that comment was just too perfect

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Black History Month

I thought this was interesting (F*ck I Look Like).  I've really grown to like spoken word especially when it "speaks" to me. I like when someone else is able to put my thoughts down in such a fluid way, it amazes me. Although I might not agree with everything on this, it still made me laugh, smile, and reflect. And, for that, I am truly grateful.

F*ck I Look Like (profanity)

Happy Black History Month! We'll see what this month in NH and VT have to offer me...

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Case for (South) Korea

[I lied about Saturday!]

I decided to make a spreadsheet (found here) of all the scored for teams 9-16 from prelims at Worlds.  I added up the scores per event by score receive at Worlds and by difficulty awarded at Worlds.  While I was sitting in my room at 4AM reading updates and trying to find live feed during Worlds, lots of bloggers that were there fell in love with Korea during podium training but were disappointed with how they performed in qualifications.  Korea placed 15th and will have the opportunity in January to qualify for London 2012.

What surprised me about this list is that when I split it by difficulty, Korea (15th place) had the highest difficulty of all 8 teams with a difficulty of 68.4 in a 3-up, 3-count format.  Italy (9th place) was 2nd with a difficulty of an even 68 and France (10th) was 3rd with a total difficulty of 66.6.  They had the highest value on vault with a 16.9 (2 DTY (5.8) vaults and a 1.5TY (5.3)).  Their difficulty on uneven bars was an 18.1 (France was 2nd with a 18.0 largely due to Youna Dufournet's amazing 6.7 start value) which is no surprise based on the amazing routines that the bloggers were describing.  Italy had the highest balance beam start value with a 17.7 (Preziosa - 6.0, Ferrari 5.9, Ferlito 5.8) and Canada was second with a 3-up difficulty of 16.9.  Korea was tied in 3rd with Spain and the Netherlands (who have lost all-arounder Celine van Gerner) with a 16.8.  Korea's floor, as well as Canada's, was 3rd to Brazil's 17.0 and Italy's 16.8 at a value of 16.6.

In summary, Korea was 1st on VT and UB, 3rd on BB and FX.  I think their strength comes from not only UB but also VT.  Many of the nations in teams 9-16 are counting at least one full twisting Yurchenko.  Korea appears to have 2 double twists and 2 individuals with 1.5 twisting Yurchenko's.  Hyunjoo Jo and Ye Eun Kim both have DTY as well as second vaults.  Jo's 2nd vault at World's was a half twist on, half laid out twist off (or a Lopez) and has a SV of 5.6 (8.266/13.866) and can be found here (or better landing and video found here '08 Olympics).   Jo was a member of Korea's 08 Olympics Team and was also a vault finalist at Worlds last year where she placed 6th.  Kim's 2nd vault was given a 0 and according to Blythe the Gym Examiner, was "a tuck Rudi attempt that did not have the last half twist."  Here is Kyung Jim Park's 1.5TY from Worlds(13.9/5.3/8.6).

For uneven bars, the Koreans had 2 gymnasts with a D score of 6.2.  One was Kyung Jin Park [found here at the Youth Olympic Games (Markelov and Gienger)] and the other was Seon Mi Heo whose 18th place UB routine from Worlds (14.233/8.033) can be found here (or below this paragraph).  May I call her the Korean Beth Tweddle?  At the beginning of her routine, she has a series of non-stop release moves going between the high and low bar including a straddled Tkatchev + Pak and a Khorkina II (toe-on 1/2 to high bar) and a Markelov.  She missed a few handstands but I think if she fixes that and keeps her stuck dismount Korea might have a bars finalist on their hands!

Seon Mi Heo UB

On BB, Korea counted a 5.7, 5.6, and 5.5 routine.  Here is Ji Yeon Park's routine with a D-value of 5.5 (6.6/12.1 - one fall and dangerously low dismount).  She had the lowest E score for the Koreans on beam but 3rd highest D-value. Our UB star's balance beam had a difficulty of 5.1. The routine (found here) has a few spots where she can connect to up that difficulty. She had the highest E score of the Koreans and was the only one to score above 8.0 with an 8.166 (13.266).  Hyunjoo Jo has the highest D score, at 5.7, for the Koreans.  I couldn't find a recent routine so here is her beam routine from the '08 Olympics.  I'm sure she's grown since then (British commentators call her a baby. hmm...) but hopefully her prowess on the beam has not changed.  The only thing that bothers me about the Koreans on beam is how low they squat before their back handsprings.  I just get scared for the connecting move since they get so low.

On FX, Korea has a 5.6 from Hyunjoo Jo and a 5.5 from both Seon Mi Heo and Kyung Jin Park.  Based on this YOG video, Park seems to have lovely lines.  Hopefully, she can fully rotate her triple twist now.

Jo has a lovely triple turn in her routine.  Her music and choreography don't excite me but I do like her ending pose here at the 2011 Swiss Cup.

After doing this analysis, I think Korea has a decent chance of reaching the top 4 at the test event as long as the gymnasts keep their cool and perform to expectations.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Teams 9-16

Teams 9-16 from the 2011 Worlds Championships in Tokyo have been invited to the London Test Event that will take place in January.  Teams 1-4 at this event (effectively, teams 9-12) will be invited to the Olympic Games at the O2 arena in London.

From Worlds, teams 9-12 are


Personally, I think Teams 9-12 seem pretty set. The biggest threat is probably Brazil - a team full of well-known, experienced veterans at both a World and Olympics level with Daniele Hypolito, Jade Barbosa, and Daiane Dos Santos.  Korea may also prove to be a threat with high difficulty scores and relatively clean execution... that is, when they do not fall.  Canada definitely has potential to do better since they made a few mistakes and may also get a few new juniors.  Of the top 4, France and Spain's spot in the top 4 is probably the most fragile, especially if there are no mistakes by other teams.

Team Netherlands from

The nominative list is out now but I have no idea who the alternates are and we must not forget that this list is subject to change.  Italy is taking the same team (assuming Erika Fasana is the alternate). Mira Boumemajen is the addition to the French team, with Clara Della Vora in the 7th spot. Coralie Leblond-Chartrand is out for the Canadians (with a small injury, she's not attending the selection camp) and Talia Chiarelli, '11 alternate, and Brittany Rogers have been added to the roster. Canada also has new seniors that have been invited to camp and may be added to the list. For Spain, Urbano is no longer on the list while there has been an addition of Ainhoa Carmona and Cinta Rodriguez. New senior Tess Moonen, Lisa Top, and Ayla Wilbrink have been added while Goedkop and Celine van Gerner (injury with surgery) will not attend. Gabriela Soares is the sole addition to Brazil's team as is Ji Hye Sung to Korea's team. Terry Grand’ry, Johanna Dejardin and Floriane Scianguetta have been added to Belgium's team in place of van de Velde and Vandersteen.

On Saturday, we'll take a closer look at Team Korea.