Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Teams 9-16

Teams 9-16 from the 2011 Worlds Championships in Tokyo have been invited to the London Test Event that will take place in January.  Teams 1-4 at this event (effectively, teams 9-12) will be invited to the Olympic Games at the O2 arena in London.

From Worlds, teams 9-12 are


Personally, I think Teams 9-12 seem pretty set. The biggest threat is probably Brazil - a team full of well-known, experienced veterans at both a World and Olympics level with Daniele Hypolito, Jade Barbosa, and Daiane Dos Santos.  Korea may also prove to be a threat with high difficulty scores and relatively clean execution... that is, when they do not fall.  Canada definitely has potential to do better since they made a few mistakes and may also get a few new juniors.  Of the top 4, France and Spain's spot in the top 4 is probably the most fragile, especially if there are no mistakes by other teams.

Team Netherlands from

The nominative list is out now but I have no idea who the alternates are and we must not forget that this list is subject to change.  Italy is taking the same team (assuming Erika Fasana is the alternate). Mira Boumemajen is the addition to the French team, with Clara Della Vora in the 7th spot. Coralie Leblond-Chartrand is out for the Canadians (with a small injury, she's not attending the selection camp) and Talia Chiarelli, '11 alternate, and Brittany Rogers have been added to the roster. Canada also has new seniors that have been invited to camp and may be added to the list. For Spain, Urbano is no longer on the list while there has been an addition of Ainhoa Carmona and Cinta Rodriguez. New senior Tess Moonen, Lisa Top, and Ayla Wilbrink have been added while Goedkop and Celine van Gerner (injury with surgery) will not attend. Gabriela Soares is the sole addition to Brazil's team as is Ji Hye Sung to Korea's team. Terry Grand’ry, Johanna Dejardin and Floriane Scianguetta have been added to Belgium's team in place of van de Velde and Vandersteen.

On Saturday, we'll take a closer look at Team Korea.

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