Friday, February 4, 2011

haiti, cherie

dear newspapers, TV news, internet news, etc.,
PLEASE stop calling haiti "the poorest nation in the western hemisphere!" i'm pretty sure we've all understood that by now.
an angry haitian

in all honesty though, is it necessary? i don't think i've read an article about haiti that hasn't included that. it gets frustrating and it also makes me sad. i remember reading an article in 10th grade for french class and that was the first time i saw that and it struck me. it hasn't stopped. obviously, haiti still isn't doing all that well but i don't know if that reminder is necessary. are you trying to make the us look better? remind americans how good we have it? are you trying to get people to help? i just don't get it! it bothers that the only thing people probably think of when they think of haiti is poor, earthquake, and voodoo. how sad!