Friday, December 9, 2011

SYTYCD taking over Glee

I thought this week's episode of Glee was pretty good.  Other than the pathetic Mike Chang story line, I think Glee did a good job of digging holes that I never thought they'd get out of and managing to get out of it gracefully (and also reasonably!).

The other thing I've noticed is the host of SYTYCD-ers taking over Glee.

Exhibit A. Jaimie and Comfort were in Rumor Has It/Someone Like You.

Jaimie is a contemporary dancer from Season 3 of SYTYCD.  She was Hok's partner (guy with the mohawk that dances in LMFAO videos) and I think this was her most popular dance.  It was choreographed by Wade Robinson and won an Emmy for Best Choreo:

Comfort was in SYTYCD Season 4.  She's also dancing in the Trouble Tones in the Adele remix but I feel like you never quite see her face like you do Jaimie.  The part I like is at 0:50.

To come - Ryan from this past season, Robert from the season before that, Courtney from a while ago on SYTYCD, and Mark I think from a while ago on both SYTYCD and Glee (the Brit/Britt episode, he also dances for Lady Gaga!).

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