Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Switched at Birth

There's a real life Switched at Birth.  Unlike the TV show, there didn't seem to be a huge blow up when the girls found out.  These girls are now best friends and have opted to stay with the mothers that raised them.  Like the TV show, they found out because one of the father's wanted to leave his wife because his daughter didn't look like her.  After the divorce and DNA test, they found out that he was right.

The one thing the show mentioned, and these girls had to deal with, was what do they do now that they have another family.  The show addressed it in a way that made sense to me - something was missing for one of the girl's.  Beyond not looking like her red headed family, she also didn't fit in.  She was dark haired, dark eyes, stubborn, and an artist.  She didn't seem to fit into her people pleasing, pale, athletic family.  So, I think when she found her mom, she found a piece of herself.  I wonder if these girls ever felt like something was missing.  Like their mother couldn't quite fill a hole in their heart.  I wonder if just knowing that mistake was made is enough for them to kinda shrug it off and move on - to be the one that doesn't quite look like the rest in the family photo.  I'm curious what will happen when the girls are 16, marry, have a first child, etc.  I just hope everything resolves itself ok.

Real Life Disney Princesses

In theory, this seemed like a great concept.  What would the disney princesses look like in real life?  Some are great and some are horrendous.  Jasmine has that sultry look to her face, exactly what I would imagine a real life Jasmine to have.  Esmeralda also looks as stunning as I would have guessed.  That typical confidence in her eyes of most girls of such beauty.

But then you get to the other ones.  Sleeping Beauty - eww.  Where did those cheekbones come from?  The most realistic thing about her is her hair.  Pocahantas doesn't look as I imagined.  Not sure what it is about her.  This Belle does not look belle/beautiful at all!  Maybe it's the facial expression they chose to give her.  I always imagined Belle as that pretty girl that you can still be friends with.  Ariel looks 12.  She reminds me of a little kid, maybe it's the little girl in the sunblock commercials with the dog biting her underwear a few years later.  I knew Ariel was young but I didn't think she would look this young. If anything, she'd be that "16 year old who looks 21."

And Ursula.  Well, not much needs to be said there.

It was a really interesting concept.  Maybe part of my problem for all the non-Jasmine and Esmeralda pictures is that they all look far too Photoshopped.  I thought it was supposed to be altered to look real.  Instead it just went from cartoon form to ... a different kind of cartoon (I see it most in Ariel).  Your thoughts?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

ANTM Cycle 17 - Michael Jackson

Someone posted on lovelyish about how this was a "freaky" shoot.  I thought this concept was brilliant and I was prepared for the girls do mess up, but they proved me wrong.  They rose to the challenege and really embraced their inner Michael.  Latoya was there to do the judging and no one went home because Michael was about love and wouldn't have wanted it so no elimination for this week.  Here are my favorites in order:
i believe this one was Shannon.  It was funny watching her do this because she's soooo skinny.  There were no legs to give a hint of a masculine body so probably a good thing they cropped it out haha.

Kayla.  This is probably higher than it should be for 2 reasons.  
1. I love her. 
2. This reminds me of something from "Will You Be There," my favorite MJ song. 
Hold me.  When you get lonely.

Bre.  This was one of the last ones I think but I love it!  I feel like it could be an album cover.  Amazing!  I think this was one of the photos that made me love this concept.

this is laura.  she got best photo.  it's really good and you needed to see her motivation behind it but it's actually not my favorite.

Bianca.  Looking at this again, it's not that great.  It looked like they had so many better shots of her but this is the one Tyra chose.  I see where she was trying to go with this photo but it just wasn't quite there.  Maybe she needed to be doing something with her arms, hands.

Allison.  I don't get this picture.  I think it's ugly.  Latoya put it higher but I think it should've been one of the last ones.  This was all about hair, makeup, and costume.  I don't really think Allison did anything to make this picture amazing, or even good.

Alexandria.  Maybe it's down here because I don't like her but I also feel like it's too posey.  Everyone else, I felt like they were at a concert, they were actually doing the movements. In this one, I feel like she looks like a mime wearing MJ clothing.

Lisa. I liked the idea but execution was poor.  I agree with Andre, don't like her hand placement or what they're doing.  And there's also no expression on her face that would make this any more Michael other than her clothing.

Angelea.  Michael saved her!  Looking at these again, I realize why Angelea and Lisa were the bottom  2.  Angelea isn't really doing anything.  Am i missing something?  This isn't very Michael or very modelesque...