Tuesday, August 17, 2010

update time

i haven't written in a while and i was inspired by another dms student who has been writing in her blog. sometimes, i get really nervous and embarrassed about the things i like - glee, gymnastics, sound of music. hmm. i'm trying to think of other things but i can't right now.

i'm gonna get ready for bed soon. today i was more on time than the first day, but still not totally there. i wanna be like 5 minutes early so i can get a good seat. we have physiology to me which seems pretty hard and biochem. right now, biochem is very basic protein information then we go more into genetics-y stuff before we get to the pathway stuff which is the part of biochem i enjoyed the most.

the people here have been tons of fun! found a friend to do adult gymnastics with me and watch make it or break it, stretch our splits, go to the gym, get ben & jerry's, form study groups, go out to dinner, or just go out for drinks. its nice. we had to do a letter to ourselves and i'm pretty sure i wanted to like the person i will be at graduation. i think i'm on the right track. i'm kinda liking this ashley right now and i can't remember the last time i said that :)

also, i'm trying something new with my hair. it kinda smells funky but we'll see how it looks tomorrow. i'm going for the wavy look that i used to do wayyyy back in junior high school when i had thicker hair haha. but i would just braid it and leave it out. this time, i made sure to take care of it before i did that with appropriate oils, conditioners, and styling thingies. we'll see how it goes!