Saturday, July 24, 2010

2010 cover girl classic

so excited! they just showed alicia and i got chills! i'm excited for mattie larson and am curious to see what aly can do. alicia, rock it! hope bridget can stay strong to 2012.

lovely ass shot of alicia. looks like she lost weight but she is pure muscle now! asac's interview is cute, love the makeup and the braid but that montage was shit. ok. she looks terrified. i'm terrified.
alicia, calm down! your nervous face is scaring me but your smile is so cute :)
does live streaming always do this? why is live streaming buffering?????
shucks, mom needs computer. bebacklater...
darn, can't rewind live stuff, huh? saw alicia, saw someone on bars and someone of floor (kytra hunter maybe?). refreshing da paggeee. saw the back of alicia's head. couldn't tell if that was "i'm so damn sad" posture or "shake it off, focus on vault" in a positive or negative way. she's smiling!

go aly!! needs to be more flexible. wobble. needs to rock the low beam part better. man, her flexibility isn't all there. finally, a twist on that 3 part combination. interesting full turn. shit! almost sat down but nice!!! 5.8, 8.5 beam =14.3

cassie!!!!!!!!!!!! she;s gotten a lot bigger. or maybe that leo just doesn't compliment her eyes the way it used to. lovely first pass. nice. stayed in! she kinda runs like a hunchback. nice turn. her choreo is meh. love that she combines her flips. not sticking but it happens. nice dbl tuck. that routine was blah. cassie=!floor exercise girl. until the judges prove me wrong haha.
i'm in the car right now and my rents are playing music. maybe its good cuz i cant hear the commentators. tim and his manboobs drive me crazy.

do i sense some bridget and alicia drama? at first, i thought they were talking to each other now it looks like bridget is glaring.
damn cameras. leave mattie alone and focus on the gymnasts ACTUALLY COMPETING!

mattie on beam. here we go! [yay, bridget, aly, and alicia are friends :) or so they want everyone to think] nice mount. nice extension and flexibility on mount. needs more on split. almost fell! i dunno, she looks kinda sloppy right now. like she's doing the moves but landing sloppily. the triple thing i'm starting to hate. horrible split thing! lets hope it was the camera angle. i like full turn in split. the half memmel as the couch gymnast class it. uh! fell on landing. 2.5twist (i think) she was doing so well. she and her coach both look disappointed but hey its her first meet back. nice leo though.
sam shapiro chalking up. beam in the bg but i think its for barssss. my fave. nvm. its beam. i didnt know she was 17. nice, chalk in the ass. she's matured A LOT since pac rims.
mattie's a good sport with the cameras. i think i wouls be saying GTFaway from me!!! who are those girls near her? 5.7, 7.75 = 13.45
sam shapiro. lovely, unique mount. more flexible than mattie and looking better. landed to close to the edge on her sheep jump but she held on. not sure if she meant to but she lost connection in that 3 part thing. i'll get the name the next time i see it. tolerable full turn. she's going into split but its not graceful. but how graceful can you expect sometone to be, right? solid front tuck. her ears are so cute on her. dbl pike. big step back. nice though. she has a smile and so do i.
commercials. i hope mattie can stay positive. i'm not sure if she's qualified for nationals already so i hope this didnt ruin it for her.

so much temptation to read other ppls blogs but i dont want to find out about alicia and be crushed! macko warming up. she looks scared. wtf, shes in the lead? i dont know why but i dont like her.
who is this pretty girl? amanda jetter, 15. she's so cute. probably home schooled but otherwise the boys would be crazy. MLT baby. let's see what happens. vault. dty. nice. i thought she asnt gonna make it. something looked weird in the air and on the run but she survived. she walks with a woddle. hope she's not injured. aww, hug from bridget.
parents got lost and started arguing. oh gps, the problems you cause my family.

red head, looks like the australians. woga. riley. bars! work it ah la nastia. nice handstand, high overshoot. nice straddled jaeger, leg separation on gienger. she like stopped in the air but landed well. nvm. she looked so good. oh someone, wanted her 5 seconds of fame.

kytra hunter. nice vault. dty. small step/hop but otherwise awesome. is that vazam?
aly take 2. she looks like your typical high school athlete. strong, pretty, messy bun. again, probably homeschooled but she pulls it off well. aww, alicia, is so cute! nice, stayed in. arabian dblt ftont. nice, she's doing well. can i say shitty choreo? whoo. looked like she was gonna fall out of that. shake it girl. nice dbl pike. awkward end pose. overall, good. agree with the commentators, lack of artistry.
pause. gps says i should be home by 9:10. oh miss bross. nice leo. bars. miss handstand. nice overshoot. missed again. nice tkatchev. miss. nice straddled jaeger. nice pak salto. stuck landing. smile. and valeri is happy so i'm happy. i love him. if there were 2 coached i could marry, it would be him and bela haha. no tasha. i see no nastia. am i retarded? she missed handstands!!! let's see what the judges say. if her execution is above 9, thats concerning.
commercial break... tik tok.and we're back.
more mattie. floor. i hope her floor routine is still good. these ppl dont like giving scores.
15.45 for bross. you must be kidding me unless her dd is really high.
my bad start value not diving haha.
nice dbl layout, mattie! her music is nice. hops out of triple twist. lots of hand dancing. nice 3rd pass. nice triple twist. showing slexibility. showing floor humping ability. sass. dbl pike and it froze. and she... please let me type lands! and she lands but out of bounds. not her meet. maybe she'll only go up from here. i like that her running matches the music. she's so cute. "i was like no!" hug from aly.
again, who is the girl in green? nice 8.9 is real good considering.
almost home for me!!!! i'll watch sam than pause.
let's see who tim calls the best dancer. so far so good. she reminds me of beth tweddle. lots of power. supposedly in bounds. 1.5 twist punch full twist. dbl tuck with a bounce. a little hop. nice dbl pike, again hop. she looks good. i approve. and she's very balletic in her style. k. write more later!

rewatching from the beginning haha. now i get to watch alicia! true, starting on beam. i hope she lands her mount!
so now i know who vazam is. she's on vault. that must be tough to do college and then decide to go to the olympics. oh good luck to her. i never paid attention so i dont know what she's going for, all 4 events or what. she's a small girl for a college gymnast. think of what elise ray and shayla worley look like in college. nice vault but huge steps.
macko. i dont like that nickname. she looks like shawn, like actually looks not talking about gymnastics. same nose and the pony tail and all. going to u of f but deferring. lame mount. nice jaeger off the bat. nice ray? pak salto. combo. misses a lot of handstands. she has a lot of tricks but its not pleasant to watch. nice landing. small shawn-esque step.
man, alicia looks so much smaller but she looks good. hope she can do it! camera man MOVE AWAY!!!!! serious face on. yes! perfect mount! small wobble. nice full turn! nice front pike, aerial back walkover. yes dbl pike and she landed! step but hey. she's smiling and hugging her coach. she's good!!! marta looks excited. go alicia!!!!!!! 5.9, 8.9 = 14.8, nice!
i was right, kytra hunter. nice twist in her hair. interesting music choice. and she stuck it! full twisting dbl layout. arabian dbl front pike, nice. not sure i like this music. needs more flexibility but expected with the strong gymnasts. like the tempo change. nice twisting combo. yeah, the beginning sucked, but this is much better. fell out of triple twist. cute ending.

back to macko. nice side somi off the bat. wobbles like no other and loses connection in her threesome. wobble and fall! looks like she's cryig but shes stron. almost fall again. nice korbut. dbl tuck? knees hit, i think. we'll see. is it just me or did the crotch of her lea eem really narrow.
kaitlyn clark. like the music, can she keep up? nice arab dbl tuck. lots of power on dbl twist, full layout. meh flexibility. i dont mind, but why is no one doing dbl pikes anymore? nvm, dbl pike. gf's got hips. overall, liked it.
ooh brady quinn is there. so cute! my boyfriend loves the broncos and i love alicia, so we fit haha. they could've spent all this time showing other gymnasts.
jordyn's weiber, meh. don't know why but i dont like the color i guess. wieber, best aa in the world, whoa!
ooh, sabrina was FAR behind. i wanne see ohashi's entire set.
brossy baby. screwed up that full turn again. i do like her hips to beam part. the low part of the korbut. she looked like she slipped on the roundoff. fall. ouch. that was her last event.
bridget on bars. caera ppl GO AWAY! nice pak salto, take that woga. hits her feet oddly on low bar and get stuck in handstand but she gets it up. she lands her dismount but looks like she could fall flat or fly forward. an interesting combination.
aly. why aly? tried to do an amanar. i heard something funky when she hit the vaulting table but hey. tried an amanar and fell. poor aly.
kytra hunter. typical strength gymnast having trouble on bars. lets see what she does. bridgets score universal sports? nice low to high. falls on hindorff. so far from it. she's too strong for her own good. awful handstands, not sure if that's emotional, though. nice dismount. i think she shouldnt do bars unless she gets ore fraceful.
mattie. please! yes, she lands. dty. looks out but she stayed in, as can be seen in the replay.
cassie on bars. better be good! lame mount. she does like a stalder into pike tkatchev. nice overshoot. nice endo's. this is nastia-esque.
wtf happened to sam??? shit, lock legged landing. is it bad that i wanna see it?

alicia. vault. so much hype, i hope its good. esp, after that. brady's happy :) she looks far on the vaulting table but she lands it. that was her handspring rudi. it looked pretty similar to 08 to me. she looked GOOD! nice! FTY? i need better eyes cuz i didnt see the difference. brady is so cute!
dear time, could you say names of moves? talk abt the sport. al these families of vaults stuff. what are they? what families did she choose?
VaZam - solid scores. hope she qualifies for Nats. nevermind. she already qualified. nice full turn, different prep than i'm used to. wobble on her onodi. slip/fall on layout step out. nice 2.5 twist. shouldnt be too bad, her score. thats a lot of personal attention and she has no friends like all the other girls.
what is that blue leather warmup thing?
hmm. all this talk about bridget is getting me thinking. can she hold on to 2012 and are the karolyi's really heartless coaches? she's injured, leave her alone. at least she is competing.
alicia is so cute!
hmm, do british commentators do interviews like that? interesting turn out with the scores. the #1 "seed" in 6th. wonder where macko is.
aly. bars. nice routine. nice l-grip tkatchev.
cassie. beam. please dont screw up! so far so good. full turn wobble. 2 slips but no falls. good, she looks steady again. fall on an easy element. there goes that. terrible 2.5. looked like a double with a hop to make it a 2.5.
mattie on bars! lets see. simple mount but looks like she's gonna fall when she switches grips, like her elbow will give out. nice straddled tkatchev. scary overshoot but she made it. nice tkatchev. stuck dbl layout! i think she can go to worldssss!!!!!! i think i love her again. she misses a few handstands but overall good!
vazam floor. nice dbl layout. cute floor. she's having fun. hope that the judges can handle it. nice 2nd pass. twist with an aerial walkover. her routine is nice bc its simple dance that fits the music with tumbling that doesnt require her to stand in the corner for a half hour. cute routine. let's see what the judges say. she's cute.
amanda jetter. great chance for 1st. lets see what she does. needs 14.06. i kinda want mattie to get it but hey. at least mattie will medal. same mount ass teammate. bad full turn. side somi. alicia-esque body roll. nice standing arabian. touches the beam, lets see what time says abt the deduction. solid arabian dbl front dismount. small step.
mattie came over. girls seem like quite the gossiper. i think jetter gets it, just barely. she has a lot of hair in that pony tail haha. valeri's sitting there like those stupid girls.
NICE MATTIE LARSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay!
she's so happy. macko made it up there [unfortunately in my opinion] poor aly. hopefully she learns something now as opposed to at the olympics, a la alicia.
so that was fun but i dont think i like live blogging. i rather read and then comment. oh well, i'll do that next time. twas a fun experience though! will cleaen up the post later. goodnight!

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