Wednesday, July 28, 2010

bela karolyi on make it or break it.

bela karolyi will be on make it or break it! i found this first: CassieScerbo: (girl who plays lauren) Ahhh! INSANE news! Béla Károlyi is going to be on #MIOBI! Can u guess who he’ll play? We’re so excited! Find out more:

bela on miobi! he'll be playing sasha's father. funny to anyone else? did anyone else notice how sasha went from total hard ass to like gym dad. oh payson, stay safe, you're not ready for nationals. i believe in you. you can win if you become a ballerina.

another website talks about how payson, ayla bell, danced professionally for 14 years. interview here. also interesting. i must say, though, that she looked WAY better than lea (rachel) in glee when she danced to total eclipse of the heart.

nastia tweeted about the 2 yr mark til london olympics and also mentioned that she picked out music for the gymnastics and skating show. when and where is this? maybe we'll see if she's at all in better shape? i wonder if she'll pull the anti-payson and with her new body become a power gymnast haha. just kidding. i think nastia will always have beautiful lines.

i also saw lauren gottlieb's name in the opening credits and thought, hmm is there a girl on miobi with the exact same name as my favorite sytycd-er? it was her. i squealed. she didn't look that great dancer. that tootoo, man oh man haha.

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