Tuesday, July 27, 2010

everyone's talking about it.

kayla williams retired. first us vault champion at worlds. it was an awesome vault. i remember watching her dty and dropping my mouth. it looked damn near perfect. well, she's decided she probably won't make the worlds team so she's focusing on college. cant be surprised with the competition being so much tighter in the us than the past.

i immediately thought "omg! alicia can make it now!" everyone kept saying the only thing stopping her was williams but that was a big IF. no if anymore. i'm excited for alicia and i think marta will give it to her. i'm more curious about kytra hunter and where that puts her. i know we think of aly raisman as alicia ii but what about kytra? she's an everything but bars girl. she has awesome tumbling. she's STRONG in the 3 events she does. i think she deserves a shot.

only time will tell.

i wanted to write an article for the couch gymnast on adult gymnastics but i see someone has already done that. maybe i can do it from the perspective of someone who has never done it? i dunno. i just looked and there are adult classes in hanover. well, actually in vermont but only 10 minutes from dartmouth. the downfall is that it's just a 1 hr class. the class at mit was 2.5hrs! i'm curious how much you stretch and how much guidance you get. the class at mit was also a lesson. we all learned pretty much at the same time. maybe we worked on different things or the same thing but doing drills at different levels but it was still instruction. i'm not sure if i'll get that anymore :(

just saw despicable me! it was lovely. a good pg movie. definitely pg for rude humor, i mean, russel brand is in it! but cute movie overall. when we left, the moon looked orange. i said maybe it was vector's jumpsuit. next, i wanna see ramona and beezus. maybe i'll watch that on my computer when it's available and skype chat with my sis. i miss her. i leave for dartmouth on sunday! excited, terrified, anxious, and curious? all at once.

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