Saturday, July 10, 2010

covergirl classic!

excited for the cover girl classic! i just need to make sure I can watch it because my sister moves up to Albany that weekend :( I'll record it otherwise

usa gymnastics and gymnastike have posted the names of competitors for the 2010 cover girl classic. i must say that i am super pumped!

seniors i'm excited for
alicia sacramone! it's her first competition back since beijing. i even made a montage dedicated to her. i think she's working beam and vault. i hope her vaulting keeps up with the rest. i'm pretty sure she would bc she was the best us vaulter at the time and i don't think she has crazy amount of vaulting competition. i'm also curious what her beam looks like. how much ass shaking and posey booty popping choreo she'll have. i'm VERY curious about her mount onto the beam. that gave her problems in the past but it was VERY original considering all the boringness peole use nowadays (not everyone but some ppl just jump on).

mattie larson i was excited for her in 2008, heard she got an injury and was bummed. she's training again and is ready to compete! not sure which events but i'm pretty sure it's not aa. i looked at all her stuff again and didn't get why i liked her so much so i'm hoping that this gives me reason to like her again. i was hoping she would be a huge contender for 2012 so we'll see.
Bridget Sloan wanna see what she's made of, that world champ and the only 08 olympian to continue with the sport.
Sam Shapiro I didn't realize that she was a senior! she looked good at the last pac rims (09 i think). curious to see if she makes it into the 6 for worlds.
VaZam I don't follow college so I'm curious to see what this girl is made of that you all keep talking about.
Aly Raisman She's interesting. I forget how she started. Was she picked as the 2nd American for the Tyson Cup or something? It's like she was picked out of a hat and then her career just went on from there. Like Martha was like "eenie meenie minie mo" and landed on Aly who happened to be amazing. I'm curious how she fares next to Alicia since a lot of ppl call her Alicia II.
[bross left out intentionally...]

the obvious threesome.
jordyn wieber has a cute interview here: "read the last question! i like her and approve of her consistent winning sprees.
kyla ross is such a cutie. her bars at pac rims was nice but only a 5.0 sv. she gor 9.25 in execution which is pretty amazing considering how they watch every single angle and extension and everything. i wonder if she upgraded. her fx is really nice too.
sabrina vega! she's from ny haha. thats the main reason i like her! jk. well, partially. look at ny on the list of qualifiers. SHE'S THE ONLY ONE! she was on beam at pac rims and did well, i thought. she looks confident on beam and although she has wobbles, she stays on with a little class. she doesnt look like a terrified puppy.

k. thats all i have time for!


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