Tuesday, June 29, 2010


because i just looked at onemodelplace and modelmayhem . com and found out that my modeling career doesn't have to end! i looked and there are a few legit photographers in new hampshire and i'm actually interested in working with most of them. i discovered OMP from a friend during senior year. i did one photo shoot in boston and i loved it. my sister came as support but ended up being my make up artist too. it was great. a little weird because it was my first time in front of a camera like that - alone, without people, selling myself, not trying to just have a pretty smile and keep my eyes open. it was different.

obviously, i'll be busy with medical school and tests every 2 weeks but if i plan it right i think i can do maybe 3 shoots throughout the year. that sounds great to me! 1 shoot a term. i'm excited just gotta lose more weight!

and i know that picture isn't great, but hey, it's me. and that's my first shoot. i can only get better, right?

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