Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Who for 2012?

I'm writing this on my itouch so bear with me with the spelling errors.

After reading different ogs, I've decided to look up WTF an elite qualifier is. Basically, different meets give you the chance to qualify for elite. If youget a certain score, you can go to the USclassic which is the last opportunity toqualify for nationals. Or, like Vanessa Zamsomething, a high enough score can land you straight to US Nats. Once on that team, you cancompete for spots on the US international squad for things like worlds and the Olympic. I skipped a step with international elite but life goes on. Alicia will
be at the classic :)

I was wondering who would make the 2012 squad. A lot of people speak highly of Rebecca Bross but I don't like her. I think she's too much of an in-between. She's not super flexible and she's not so powerful that I ooh and aahh at every tumble. I hope Bridget Sloan can stay relatively injury free to make it to 2012. She's not my favorite but I don't mind her representing my country at all. She did a damn good job in 08 when the team was falling apart. She could've crashed and burned on her 1 event but she didn't. She's a very solid competitor to me. Next is the darling Ivana hong whom I hope can recover soon! She truly deserves a spot that she arguably shouldve had in 08 when the team broke. Most of her awards are on beam but I personally love her bars routine. Aly raisman is meh. I like her over bross and as long as she doesn't crack like Alicia in 04, she should be ok. I like the juniors more. I tend not to like the ones in the spotlight re: Jordyn Wieber. She's cuter, and better IMO, then Shawn as far as being america's commentators favorites. Maybe vega and Ross or one of the other yet to be noticed juniors will steal the spotlight.

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