Saturday, June 26, 2010

gymnast update

i just found out about internationalgymnast forum. its pretty sweet but i'm not sure if i'm gonna sign up. i dont know that much about gymnastics...

so, i remembered someone who i really liked watching 08 or 09 pac rims. bross was there as a junior. as was sam shapiro. there was a canadian girl, peng peng lee, also known as christine, who performed. she had but i believe i found a video or something telling me that she has competed this year. that makes me happy because i really liked watching her. she was only ajunior at the time and is listed on gym canada as a senior so i assume she qualified somehow.

mattie larson has already competed! as did sam shapiro. they both only performed on 2 events - bars and beam. they're total scores were 28.550 and 27.600. it makes me wonder who usa gymnastics thinks they can get with a 30 points for 2 event qualifying criteria for us nationals. pretty harsh if you ask me. i guess its good because you get more all arounders but why would you want to discourage/make it REALLY hard for specialists? if they're good, let them prove it at nationals with all the other girls who snuck in there.

alicia sacramone was at the last camp and scored a 15andchange on vault. if she gets that on beam/floor, she has a chance. people are also saying she can petitions, which i believe, since she's a former olympian/world champ.

sam shapiro - i hope the us doesnt turn into china. you remember how they had that girl flying but she wasn't the one who actually sang, it was a girl who they deemed wasnt attractive? i hope we dont factor looks into things. think about it, the most unattractive is bross right now and she's #1. ppl say nastia was unattractive (when she was younger, didnt know how to deal with the forehead yet) and she's 08 all around champ. pretty legit. i just hope they dont ignore her for reasons like that. i think marta is entirely too focused on winning, though, to let looks affect things.

another girl keeps popping up, alexandra christensen. i wanna look her up. i know an anna with her last name so i always get so confused when i see that!

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