Wednesday, June 2, 2010

2004 olympics all-around

watching the 04 all around. carly's beam was pretty cool. allana's floor was really low and i thought sveta's bars was too high for all the mistakes she's made. one thing i've realized though is that the code of points changes so what was allowed then, might be a deduction now. so who knows. maybe its ok to be totally sideways in your handstand.

anna pavlova's floor music is lovely and i like the tumbling pass that ends in a front walkover. its pretty and i feel like you don't see things like that today with all the crazy amounts of tumbling and combination and high passes that people want to get in.

courtney kupets did screw up on beam but i didn't think it was <9. courtney kupets score on floor was kinda low but she did step out of bounds and stuff. oh well, she tried. her floor music makes me wonder though...

the interview: "what were you thinking during khorkina's floor?" carly: silence. haha. i'm pretty sure she was thinking something nasty and downright mean.

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