Sunday, June 20, 2010


not really sure what i'm updating here. i feel super scatterbrained right now.

1. i'm excited alicia sacramone is coming back! she'll be competing at us nationals. it will be hard for her to "make it" (or break it haha), depending on how you define it. i think she can be in shape and not make it. the current seniors are good and the juniors that were at pac rim are good too. so the olympics might be a long shot but maybe she'll travel for something in the near future.

2. according to Aunt Joyce, ivana hong is training again! i'm excited for this which leads to my next comment.

3. comebacks. i'm excited for alicia but don't know how far she will go. ivana has a beautiful body and i think she can do well if she ever starts to show some consistency and STOPS BREAKING!!! i couldn't care less for sam pezcek coming back. or shawn johnson for that matter. she will be pure disappoinment. a, she's HUGE. b, i have no idea what could make her interesting again. america liked her for her cute smile, her triple combination on balance beam, and called her the new it girl. they have an it girl in bross, which i do NOT agree with. nastia, i was excited for but she too has not really been training. someone called her chipmunk cheeks and i think thats very accurate. i dunno if she can get that 5'3", 99lb body back. she's probably grown more too with the lack of pounding and the increase in nutrition.

i'm having gymnastics withdrawal. i follow college so i have no idea what's going on. i feel like i'm in a gymnastics draught.

on the up side, i found a place where i can do gymnastics in new hampshire :) i'll definitely need a car but it'll be worth it.

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