Thursday, September 9, 2010

adult gymnastics at northern lights!

can i just say that i had soo much fun. although, my levator scapulae is now sore, it was totally worth it. we got the the gym and met yuriy - hybrid bela karolyi and valeri liukin. i fell in love. sorry, charlie. he told me and jl to do handstands and walk across the floor. jl and i were wondering how in the world that was gonna happen. so we tried. wiggled our way down and doing a new handstand every 2 hand-steps. 4 was an accomplishment. then he came over and said, "ok, forward rolls." i couldn't tell if it was because our handstands were so horrendous or if he just wanted to see where we were at. we did that, dive rolls, which i had never done. then we did cartwheels on our good and bad side. my bad side was an epic fail and i need to work on squaring off. did some round offs. same squaring issue. he told me i had to be careful otherwise, i'll go on the tumble trak and fly off or into the wall, neither of which is fun. then we did some front handsprings on a mat and by some divine miracle i nailed my first one. nailed a few, squealed and fell on a few but such is life. then i did a drill to work on...??? i have no idea. i think on being hollow bc i'm pretty sure that's a problem of mine.

then we went and played on bars. yayy!!! i have the first move down, well, not when i focus on keeping my legs straight. and we did 3 casts to a hip circle things. i was going so fast. more screaming. then, i tried the one leg over thing and that didn't go to well. i fell a few times and the only times i got around, he was definitely helping a lot. then we jumped on the tumble trak. i tried a front tuck twice and didn't nail either of them. i fell out of one, landed on my head for the other. oh well. then we stretched. over all, it was tons of fun.

these 2 girls had a beam routine to airplanes and i really liked it. i've decided i need to put together a routine - level 3 is fine. then i can pretend i'm cool and can say i've done gymnastics :)

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