Tuesday, October 19, 2010

cry baby cry

cry baby cry - santana, sean paul, and joss stone

just found this song. i think it's a really interesting fusion - joss stone's sweet, soulful voice, santana's flavor on the guitar, and sean paul's... sean paulness haha. it was pretty good.

school's stressing me out but i'm trying not to let it. i stayed up late and knew i would have trouble today. we had a half day and i spent my normal amount of time studying as opposed to more.

i watched the sad glee episode. maybe thats why i'm like this but right now i just want to cry. scheduling tutoring is making me sad and stressing me out. ironic, since it's supposed to help but i have 3 tutoring sessions and they don't seem to be helping since i keep failing. its disappointing, aggrevating, frustrating, i could go on. i'm gonna go cry, listen to some sad music and hope i wake up tomorrow feeling better.

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