Saturday, September 4, 2010

jessica gil ortiz competing again!

i'm glad that she's finally competing again. her floor routine had tons of potential. this is the bad: clickie. and here's her full routine:

she qualified for event finals on floor at panam games. she was 10th but because of the 2 per country rule i think she's 8th. i hope she does well! i don't know if she's competed since then.

everyone's been talking about mckayla maroney and how awesome her vaults are. i wanna see this and see how much trouble asac is potentially in. i dont know how much alicia actually wants to go to the olympics. i actually believe her when she says one day at a time. worlds is tough enough, going to the olympics and facing all that sh*t again would be tough! so, hoepfully she makes worlds this year and we'll deal with next year and 2012 when we get there.

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