Monday, September 5, 2011

Haiti helping Haiti

Haiti aims to spread people, jobs across country

While I was in Haiti, one of the things that continuously bothered me was the amount of foreign aid workers in the country.  Driving through the capital, I saw numerous UN security vehicles and only one Haitian police car.  I didn't see any in the small town I was in but that was to be expected.  Volunteer teams come to the hospital, foreigners set up different places for Haitians to work and a senior citizen's home.  I kept asking myself when is Haiti going to help Haiti?

I guess it's happening and that article makes me very excited.  I know it's not easy to move away from the capital, the place that you call home, especially when it has everything you need.  Multiple times, we had to send patients to specialists in the hospital.  On the drive to and from the hospital, the drivers often had to run errands to get supplies that could only be found in larger cities.  But at least encouraging people to move out might gives more people a chance to find jobs, actually attend school, and decrowd Port-au-Prince.  It was sad seeing the capital in the state that it was, the tent cities seemed to go for miles and miles.  I wasn't sure how they were planning on rebuilding if there were so many people staying put.  Also, from the medical side, the spread of infections just seems to simple in a place that was that crowded.

taken by me/Herman

I didn't know that "Papa Doc" tried to destroy the countryside by destroying the roads.  The roads in Haiti were another story, but I just attributed that to the earthquake.  On my way back to PAP to go to the airport, I saw that they were doing construction on the roads in PAP which made me glad.  Progress :)

I really can't wait to go back, I just hope I get the chance.

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