Sunday, March 21, 2010

Shake it, shake it, shake it girl. Make sure you don't break it, girl

Home now for spring break! Hopefully, I'll be OK and there won't be too much fighting. I think I'll be going down to NYC for at least one day and hopefully I will get to see Sharon. I have a bit of med school stuff to do - accept/withdraw schools, find scholarships - clean my room, start packing for next year and organizing, all that good stuff.

I've been watching a lot of gymnastics lately. I've watched the 2006 aa and the 2007 worlds team finals. The 2006 aa was kinda underwhelming. I'm happy for vanessa ferrari considering that was her first worlds but overall, there was nothing to interesting. I found Isabelle Severino again who is in Stick It - she plays the main character's gymnastics double. Her floor music was the black eyed peas! How awesome is that?

I'm watching the 2008 pac rim's now. I wanna see what people were saying about Sam Shapiro's floor music. I read somewhere that they were comparing her and Jordyn Weiber to Nastia and Shawn respectively. We shall see. I can't believe we're nearly half way through the quad, I'm so excited for the olympics already! To be honest, I hope Rebecca Bross isn't our AA hope. I need to find a new favorite and fast. I wonder if any of the young Chinese will be returning. I really loved Jiang Yuyuan at the Olympics. She is just too cute.

How does that not make you smile?

I went to my adult gymnastics class on Tuesday. It's called FOCA gymnastics - google it. It was fun! We worked on candle sticks, front and back rolls, and the beginning parts of a handstand. We'll be doing handstands, cartwheels, and I think round-offs in the next 2 classes. After that, I think I'll start going to the advanced class. I'm lucky I'm doing this while I'm still young and still have some of my swimming strength and flexibility, hence why I want to go the advanced class. It's 1.5 hours of instruction and 1 hour of open gym. During the open gym, I walked along the balance beam and pretended to do jumps, chalked up my hands and I went on the uneven bars, and ran towards the vault but didn't actually jump onto it haha. It's actually kinda terrifying. Hopefully this is something that I can continue at/after medical school!

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